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This page will allow you to download all the demos we use in our webcasts.

Slot Machine
This is the demo that was shown in the Introduction to dependency injection with Microsoft Enterprise Library Unity Application Block webcast. It's a simple console application used to demonstrate most of the features of the Unity container. Unfortunately the MSEvents system has lost the webcast recording and it cannot be retrieved.

There are six different copies of the project, starting with the base (no Unity use) and adding features as it goes. Requires VS 2008.

Extensibility Demos
This is the source code shown in the Extending the Unity Dependency Injection Container webcast. There's also an additional one (a PerThreadLifetimeManager) that wasn't discussed in the webcast. The PerThreadLifetimeManager is now a standard part of Unity 1.2.

Unfortunately the MSEvents system has also lost this recording and it cannot be retrieved either.

Requires Unity 1.1 and VS 2008.

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