March 24 (semi) weekly drop

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Released: Mar 24, 2008
Updated: Mar 25, 2008 by ctavares
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Source Code Unity Application Block March 2008 3-24 Drop.msi
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Source Code Resources.resx
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Release Notes

Welcome to our latest (and probably last) preview release of the Unity Application Block. Sorry I missed last week; I was elbow deep in System.Configuration.

Our test and documentation teams are working very hard to finish up, but in the meantime we had enough new features that we wanted to get this out to the community.

API changes

NONE :-) We haven't changed any of the public APIs.

New Features

Mapping of Generic Types

You can now map open generic types. For example:

container.RegisterType(typeof(IList<>), typeof(List<>))();

Now, if you ask the container for an IList:


you'll get back an instance of List<Foo>.

Injection configuration

There is now configuration file support for the injection configuration API introduced in our previous drop. There's even some stuff in the docs about it now. Please see the documentation for details (and let us know if the docs are confusing or incorrect).

Perf improvements

Thanks to user scarnie on our forums here, Unity and OB2 have gotten a significant perf boost.

Please let us know how this drop works for you. We'd like feedback as quickly as possible, as we're ramping up to the final release!

Last minute update

There are some missing string resources in the ObjectBuilder\Properties\Resources.resx file. If you want to recompile the source, replace that file with the Resources.resx file attached here.

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