How to access lifetime managers in BuilderStrategy

Jul 7, 2015 at 3:33 PM
I'm trying to create a disposing transient lifetime manager for Unity v3.5. But my problem seems to be that contrary to v2 (where this worked just fine) I cannot access the LifetimeManager in the strategy through context.Lifetime.
Container = new UnityContainer();
Container.RegisterType<ITest, Test>(new DisposingTransientLifetimeManager());

public class DisposingLifetimeStrategy : BuilderStrategy
    public override void PreBuildUp(IBuilderContext context)
        // context.Lifetime.Count == 0 here and in all other methods.
        // In version 2 of unity I can get a reference to the lifetimemanagers here.
// implement rest of methods, but context.Lifetime.Count is 0 in all of them too.

public class DisposingTransientLifetimeManager : LifetimeManager {
// implement abstract methods minimally
Am I doing something wrong here or