Issue when trying to resolve a generic interface expecting an interface not concrete implementation - IInterface<IAnotherInterface>

As part of the example code for MediatR on GitHub there are a number of implementations for different IoC containers. The example sets up a number of Notification handlers which the mediator publ...

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Implement IServiceProvider

Please implement the System.IServiceProvider interface. It's a no-brainer and not a breaking change of any kind. Will help integrate the Dependency inversion principle into 3rd party applications...

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Exception retrieving registration for open generic type registration mapped to type with generic restriction

Reproducible with the following example: using System; using Microsoft.Practices.Unity; interface IBar { } interface IFoo<TBar> { } class Foo<TBar> : IFoo<TBar> where TBar : IBar { } class Pro...

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UnityExtensions references ServiceLocation, bindingRedirect doesn't help

After doing an update of all NuGet packages, one of my applications began crashing on start-up with a FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation, Versio...

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Reference required to assembly 'System.Runtime...'

This is a very odd error. It pops up sporadically, with no apparent cause. So here is what I did: I have a WPF application that targets .NET 4.5 I installed Unity from NuGet, and added a contain...

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Unity Container | Register Instance in XML Configuration

I need to register types in Unity.Config file and have this issue where remote object cannot be registered when done from the XML Configuration file. For e.g: This works var test=AccessorHelper....

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Unity doesn’t work on real device in Xamarin.iOS (only in the simulator)

The Unity container doesn’t work on real device in Xamarin.iOS. It works fine only the simulator. I get following two errors, if I try to start my simple test project on iPhone (iOS 7.1): Error 1...

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parameterless public constructor

"An error occurred when trying to create a controller of type 'AirTimeController'. Make sure that the controller has a parameterless public constructor."

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Concurrency bug and memory leak in UnityServiceLocator

The constructor of the UnityServiceLocator class calls the container.RegisterInstance method to register itself and in doing that it creates both a concurrency bug and a memory leak, since the use...

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Inconsistent Lazy<T> behaviour when resolving dependency

public class Bar {} public class Foo { public Foo(Bar b) { ; } } public class ChildBar : Bar {} unityContainer.RegisterInstance<Bar> ( new ChildBar() ); unityContainer.Resolve<Foo>(); // ret...

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