Design time configuration and multiple types in one file

It appears that when make use of Design time configuration with Unity, it does not like if the type you are mapping to exists in a file with other types. In my case I have an interface that inherit...

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Issue when trying to resolve a generic interface expecting an interface not concrete implementation - IInterface<IAnotherInterface>

As part of the example code for MediatR on GitHub there are a number of implementations for different IoC containers. The example sets up a number of Notification handlers which the mediator publ...

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Implement IServiceProvider

Please implement the System.IServiceProvider interface. It's a no-brainer and not a breaking change of any kind. Will help integrate the Dependency inversion principle into 3rd party applications...

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Exception retrieving registration for open generic type registration mapped to type with generic restriction

Reproducible with the following example: using System; using Microsoft.Practices.Unity; interface IBar { } interface IFoo<TBar> { } class Foo<TBar> : IFoo<TBar> where TBar : IBar { } class Pro...

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UnityExtensions references ServiceLocation, bindingRedirect doesn't help

After doing an update of all NuGet packages, one of my applications began crashing on start-up with a FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation, Versio...

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Reference required to assembly 'System.Runtime...'

This is a very odd error. It pops up sporadically, with no apparent cause. So here is what I did: I have a WPF application that targets .NET 4.5 I installed Unity from NuGet, and added a contain...

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Unity Container | Register Instance in XML Configuration

I need to register types in Unity.Config file and have this issue where remote object cannot be registered when done from the XML Configuration file. For e.g: This works var test=AccessorHelper....

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Unity doesn’t work on real device in Xamarin.iOS (only in the simulator)

The Unity container doesn’t work on real device in Xamarin.iOS. It works fine only the simulator. I get following two errors, if I try to start my simple test project on iPhone (iOS 7.1): Error 1...

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parameterless public constructor

"An error occurred when trying to create a controller of type 'AirTimeController'. Make sure that the controller has a parameterless public constructor."

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Concurrency bug and memory leak in UnityServiceLocator

The constructor of the UnityServiceLocator class calls the container.RegisterInstance method to register itself and in doing that it creates both a concurrency bug and a memory leak, since the use...

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