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Microsoft Unity 3.0.1208-Preview for .NET Framework 4.5 and WinRT

Release Notes

The Unity 3.0.1208.0 Preview is a port of Unity 2.1.505.2 (Aug 2012) to the .NET Framework 4.5 and WinRT. The major changes include:
  • Unity projects updated to target the .NET Framework 4.5 and WinRT (RTM).
  • Dynamic build plans modified to use compiled lambda expressions instead of Reflection.Emit.
  • Converting reflection to use the new TypeInfo for reflection.
  • Projects updated to work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

  1. The public-facing interfaces for consuming Unity remain intact and most of the behavior is preserved but there are several changes to the internal implementation which might impact you if you have extended Unity, specifically the dynamic build plans.
  2. The Microsoft.Practices.Unity.UnityServiceLocator class cannot be used under the WinRT profile because the CommonServiceLocator is not yet available under the WinRT profile.
  3. Only the core Unity libraries will work with the WinRT profile. The Unity.Configuration, Unity.Interception, and Unity.Interception.Configuration assemblies will not work under the WinRT profile.
  4. There’s no Silverlight versions for this preview. Use Unity 2.1.505.2 for Silverlight as the behavior is exactly the same.
  5. Only unit tests from the Unity 2.1 suite have been verified. No perf or security testing has been performed. Full scale testing is to be done for the final release.
  6. The preview release refers to the Unity 2.x documentation set (also available in PDF and CHM).
  7. NuGet packages are built as “Prerelease”. When installing via NuGet Package Manager, make sure to select “Include Prerelease” from the drop-down control near the Sort-by field to see the package in the public NuGet repository.

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