Generic Methods in Unity.Interception

Jul 23, 2009 at 7:07 AM

We were having problems getting Policy Injection to work with generic methods and came upon a post which showed a workaround It was noted that this was a known issue and would be 'fixed soon'. That was back last August and the latest source code of Unity 1.2 that I have downloaded doesnt have this, seemingly simple 1-line fix. Needless to say although it works when I make the change in the Unity source code and then compile Enteprise Library Source code against My version of unity then compile my code against My EL source code, we really really dont want to have to deal with having non-standard versions of unity running together in our apps. Could you please confirm that this fix will be available in Unity 2 and if so, when is it likely to be released? 

Thanks guys and nice work!