Enterprise Library 6, Exception Block, how to pick up custom exception class

Apr 20, 2015 at 6:03 PM
How to pick a custom exception class using the Entlib config Editor? Trying to add a replace handler, therefore I need a custom exception When I choose

Add from file I choose my assembly with the custom exceptions, but it doesnt show up in the list! My custom exception class inherits form a BaseException class which inherits form System.Exception. I also tried it directly inheriting from Exception, but doesn't work neither. Any suggestions. The most worse documentation I have ever seen in my life.
public class DummyException : System.Exception {

    public DummyException()
    { }

    public DummyException(string message)
        : base(message)
    { }

    public DummyException(string message, Exception innerException)
        : base(message, innerException)
    { }